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Creamed Cucumber Recipe

June 30, 2011

My grandma always made creamed cukes with the cucumbers from her garden, so it was my first thought when we got them in our share yesterday. Here’s her recipe:

Add 1/4 cup sugar to 1 cup cream. Stir. Add 3 Tbsp. vinegar. Sprinkle in seasoned salt, celery salt, onion salt, and garlic salt to taste. Stir in sliced onions and peeled and thinly sliced cucumbers.

But I must be honest, I didn’t stay true to it… I just used the half and half I already had in my fridge for coffee and white wine vinegar in my cupboard. I also tend to think my family is way to generous with their sugar usage, so I really only put a spoonful of sugar in the mix. Instead of sliced onion I finely diced a few green onions from our share, and I obviously also used some of our fresh dill. And instead of all those midwestern salts for seasoning, I kept it simple with a little kosher salt and fresh pepper. It turned out pretty good, but I do think real cream would have been worth the walk to the store…

Also, my mom is super cute and made all our family recipes into laminated cards that I just had to share 🙂


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