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More on Winter CSA at the Co-op

September 20, 2012

We are trying to gauge the level of interest in holding the Winter CSA at the co-op this year (in the past, the Bushwick pick up was at the home of one of the CSA members who can no longer host it).

It is still through Garden of Eve Farm and there are 4 different share options (prices range from $30 – $290).  Please visit the website to see all the details about shares:

Pickups are once a month on non-holiday weekends from December – May. No extra volunteer time is required but co-op membership hours still apply and non-members will pay an administrative fee. Additionally, the co-op would be open for regular purchasing during the CSA distribution so there would be the added benefit of occasional weekend store hours.

If you would be interested in signing up for the Winter CSA if it were hosted at the co-op, please fill out this questionnaire as soon as possible (there are only 3 questions) so the co-op can see how much support there is for the idea.

Find out more and fill out our questionnaire.

Thank you!

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